Your goals should not change post COVID-19

There is no doubt about it, it’s a terrible time to graduate. A terrible time to be at university and a damaging period if you are a young professional.

It was like we were travelling on a road that looked as smooth as can be for years to come. We had never needed to face an economic meltdown where people around us were losing their jobs, income and in some cases even their homes.

Personally, it felt like my whole world collapsed in 7 days once the pandemic really picked up speed.

But, as we take the time to pick ourselves up, one thing should no doubt remain true. Your goals, plans, vision and your life do not need to change. It may take you longer to get to the place you want to go, but you will still get there. The world will be back, even greater I imagine because of the learnings we will all gain from this.

Our young lives were always going to get tough, no one imagined it to be like this but this is life.

When the road you are travelling on gets a little tougher, do you pack it up and call it a day? Or figure out how to move beyond the obstacles. We each have a choice to make, and I know that both you and I have come too far to call it a day just yet.

So, what do we do now?

Nothing special or magical. The only 2 things we need to do now is to hold on just long enough and wait for the opportunity that will come knocking and answer its call. I can't tell you what that opportunity will be or what it may look like. But it is coming, keep your eyes open and your mind focused.

I wanted to avoid writing in an inspiring tone but rather to relay a message of practicality. Let us not think in terms of what we can achieve for the rest of 2020, rather let us wonder how we can continue climbing the mountain through 2021 and beyond.

The time is right

It almost seems like perfecting timing to release my first self-published book over the next week. Which was written to inspire the young person and university student and provide them with insight to succeed in their life.

I hope that this blog post and my soon to be available for purchase book can make a positive impact on your mind and future life.

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💫 Inspire a Generation ~ Optimist and author - https://www.alitalebx.com/ ~ Melbourne, Aus 📍

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Ali Taleb

Ali Taleb

💫 Inspire a Generation ~ Optimist and author - https://www.alitalebx.com/ ~ Melbourne, Aus 📍

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