Social networking is both a powerful tool and the ultimate distraction

Have a glance inside your phone settings to understand the hours each day you spend on your favourite social networking sites. And then put the hours into two categories.

Productivity or mindless stimulation.

Social media is our generations greatest tool

Anybody across the world now has the ability to produce content at scale, in the way that they best know how to and on any medium they choose. Whatever the motivation their voices now have the stage to be heard and to influence others.

Personally, I have been able to connect with CEO’s, CMO’s and executives in multiple countries around the world. Something that I don’t think yet I have completely appreciated. But will realise how valuable it was10 years from today. Use the platforms we now have at our disposable to network, build your vision, tell your story and make your impact.

The ultimate distraction

My study at university was being impacted, my work and ultimately my personal life. I lacked the discipline and self-awareness to stop and evaluate my actions.

But what eventually broke my unhealthy attachment, was a period of great difficulty in my personal life. And realizing then that social media was now a time slowing down my personal growth and a habit I needed to break away from.

Ultimately, use the tool to advance your career, tell your story and achieve your goals. But don’t allow the tool to use you.

Keep up on social!



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