Are you thinking? I mean, consciously thinking, a thinking that is intentional and thinking that is on purpose.

Or are you going through life without intentional thought, but with your eyes still wide open. You see, just because you have your eyes open and decide on what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, does not mean that you are in a state of conscious thinking. Philosophy may argue that many of the decisions we make each day are due to the subconscious part of our being.

And that brings us to the conversation on the train, the…

‘All you need is a degree in application, enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and you will dominate.’

‘All you need is a degree in application, enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and you will dominate.’

This is what I heard from the hiring manager of the company that I have just accepted a position with. And once I heard it, I wrote it down instantly. Because it defined and explained what I believed in, which was validated by a national manager who works for one of the biggest insurance and risk management firms in the world.

So, what can high school…

“Following a plan is good for progress. Opportunity, however, usually exists off the plan.”

  • Simon Sinek

This quote by Simon really spoke to me, and I will no doubt be using it as a guide for my career and online business (

Link to website:

Inspire a generation 💫

As you go through the days, weeks and months of each year. What is it that excites you, that makes your life interesting and gives you fuel to give it your all each day?

And if nothing comes to your mind, you have found the first step you need to take in hopes of achieving success in your life. Dreams move us into a space of excitement, dreams provide us with an energy that can last a lifetime. …

If you could go back in time just over a week ago, to new years eve 2020, do you remember the feelings you had before the clock hit 12?

I am going to insist that you were feeling some optimism, joy, positivity and excitement for a better year. A year that would bring about more progress, success and passion into your life.

Is it only acceptable to feel those feeling once a year? To have them take over your thoughts only for a moment? …

A Step Forward

The exact date escapes me, but it was towards the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 when I began to write the first words that would eventually make up my book “A Step Forward.”

To the many people who don’t yet know anything about the book, I have used one sentence consistently to describe what it’s about and the purpose behind it.

The sentence is — To inspire, empower and encourage a generation to dream more, to do more and to believe in more.

Shortly before starting my first book, I began to develop a passion for spoken…


I’m a third-generation Lebanese Australian, I grew up with privilege and an abundance of opportunities.


Every day my fridge is filled with food and every night my electricity never fails. I have the best clothes to wear and a phone to call my parents whenever I want to.


Like many of us, I saw what happened in Beirut, Lebanon. My grandfather only landed their a week ago. I don’t know the pain they are in, the fear they carry or the anger they hold. I would be embarrassed to tell you how I am feeling about what…

I have written it down in my book, I have written it in the captions of my social media posts, I have told everybody who has asked and I believe it most importantly within my self. .

This book, my first book, is 150% about my reader and 0% about me. I never started writing for me and I never will.


Today I presented my almost complete final draft to my mentor, whose name I will not mention just yet. He was proud, prouder than he has ever been of me. …

My sister's age.

I watched a video of a young child from Yemen being asked a few questions by a reporter.

The reporter asked the young girl her name, she replied by saying ‘I don’t know.’

The reporter asked where is your father, she replied saying ‘he died.’

The last question the reporter asked was if the young girl has had any breakfast, lunch or supper. No verbal response, only a defeated expression on her face, her hands covering her innocent eyes and the devastation of her hope fading with every day.

The country is being torn by violence and…

Lindsey Pollak

I was 12 years old and entering my first year of high school.

It was at that time when I first heard the word terrorist, I did not understand what it meant then and I do not completely understand what it means today.

As a young Muslim, a Lebanese and Italian young Muslim, before I could even speak I was somehow associated with that word. And with words such as explosions, bombs and enemy. I did not realise it then but I do know. It was complete ignorance and an underappreciation by others of what my background represented.

Before I…

Ali Taleb

💫 Inspire a Generation ~ Optimist and author - ~ Melbourne, Aus 📍

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